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Walther, Bruno



Walther, Bruno 


Assistant Professor


Bird behavior, conservation, & ecology; plastic pollution; distribution modelling & climate change


BI 3001



07-5252000 ext 3617

  Highest Education:D. Phil., Oxford University, United Kingdom (1998)

  Research projects
Research microplastic pollution in Taiwanese seafood
Distinguishing the purpose of attendant species that participate in mixed-species bird flocks
Bird-fig interactions in Taiwan


1 Walther BA, Kunz A, Hu C-S. 2018. Type and quantity of coastal debris pollution in Taiwan: A 12-year nationwide assessment using citizen science data. Marine Pollution Bulletin 135:862-872.
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3 Walther BA, J Geier, L-S Chou, A Bain*. 2018. The figs of winter: Seasonal importance of fruiting fig trees (Ficus: Moraceae) for urban birds. Acta Oecologica 90:28-34.
4 Walther BA, Chen JR-J, Lin H-S, Sun Y-H. 2017. The effects of rainfall, temperature, and wind on a community of montane birds in Shei-Pa National Park, Taiwan. Zoological Studies 56:23.
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