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Yen, Shen-Horn



Yen, Shen- Horn


Associate Professor


Systematic Biology
Mimicry Biology
Plant/Insect Relationships
Biodiversity Database
Aquatic Botany



886-7-5252000 Ext:3612



Highest Education: Imperial College London , Ph.D. (2004)

Research Interests

Systematics, phylogenetics and evolutionary ecology of the Lepidoptera and some smaller insect orders


Evolutionary dynamics and behavioural ecology relevant to mimicry, camouflage and aposematism


Colonization and diversification of phytophagous insects on plants


Technology and applications of biodiversity and natural history collection databases

Papers in peer reviewed journals


Prathapan KD, Pethiyagoda R, Raven PH...Yen SH...Zhou HZ (2018) When the cure kills - CBD limits biodiversity research. Science 360(6396): 1405.


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Monographic publications and book chapters

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Links to some research projects I am involved in


Digital Archive Project for the Type Specimens and Literature of Taiwan Macrolepidoptera
2 Digital Archive Project for the Lepidopteran and Hostplant Specimens Housed in NSYSU
3 LepTree Project
4 Globiz
5 The Lepidoptera Taxome Project

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2 LepLab
3 Digest of Taiwan Lepidopterology
4 Digileps News
5 Natural History of Takaw

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1 General Biology (evolution, ecology & biodiversity parts)
2 Introduction to the Research Methods of Biological Sciences
3 Seminar
4 Systematic Biology & Practices of Biological Systematics
5 Mimicry Biology
6 Entomology
7 Scientific Illustration & Expression Skill