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Chen, Chun-Lin



Chen, Chun-Lin


Assistant Professor


Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering



886-7-5252000 Ext:3629



  Highest Education: Saint Louis University, Ph.D (2008)

  Research projects
Study the role of TGF-beta in strain-induced cardiovascular smooth muscle cell maturation.
B Study the role of Myosin I family in chemotaxis and migration.



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4 Jian-Hong Zhu, Chun-Lin Chen, Sheila Flavahan, Jennifer Harr, Baogen Su, Nicholas A. Flavahan,. Cyclic stretch stimulates vascular smooth muscle cell alignment by Redox-dependent activation of Notch3. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol., 300(5), H1770-H1780, 2011.(SCI)
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