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[徵才] 生科系夏燦風老師實驗室 (誠徵助理及及大學部工讀生)

Department of Biological Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University

Positions for 1 technician and 2 undergraduate students in freshwater ecology, in Dr. Romain Richard’s lab.

My lab is starting a new project on freshwater ecology, and I am looking for 1 technician and 2 undergraduate students. This project involves studying how freshwater zooplankton (Daphnia) responds to temperature variation, and will involve both field work and lab experiments. Field work consists in sampling various lakes and ponds across Taiwan in order to collect Daphnia. These populations will then be raised in lab, and we will proceed a number of experiments in order to evaluate how individuals energetics, growth and fecundity respond to temperature. Ultimately, the goal is to predict the effect of temperature warming on natural populations.

I will need a technician in order to help me with accounting and regular lab maintenance, as well as participating in field work and lab experiments. Undergrads will mostly be involved in field work, lab experiments and regular lab maintenance. For now, most experiments are already planned and I mostly expect the students to carry out this work. That being said, students that wish to pursue a scientific career are absolutely welcome and they will also have plenty of opportunities to make intellectual contributions. This will not only help him/her develop as a mature scientist, but it may even possibly warrant it his/her name as a coauthor in the papers published or open opportunities for student’s independent project.


  • The candidate does not need any experience with freshwater ecology, but I expect him to be able to carry out scientific experiments with the necessary rigor and seriousness.
  • Driver’s license is required for the technician, and preferred for undergrads
  • English spoken. It doesn’t need to be great, bus as I do not speak Chinese, I need students that speaks English ok enough. From my experience, most undergraduate and graduate Taiwanese students I met speak good enough English for that purpose, so you should probably not let that criterion stops you from applying.
  • For the technician: At least a completed B.Sc. Degree. M.Sc. Degree preferred.

Starting date: September

Duration: 1 year, renewable for at least another year.


Romain Richard (夏燦風 助理教授) ;

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