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The Department of Biological Sciences of NSYSU was established in 1987 with goals of training biological scientists and enhancing the development of biotechnology in Taiwan. The MS and Ph. D. programs were initiated in 1992 and 1997, respectively. The in-service master's program was founded in 1999.

Currently, the Department has 18 faculty members, 15 adjunct faculty members, one national chair professor and one honorary chair professor. The specialties of the faculty are within two research divisions, including Ecology and Evolution and Molecular and Cell Biology. In addition, the Department has two technical officers supporting the teaching and research.

Annual enrollment includes approximately 50 undergraduate students, 17 MS students and 3 Ph.D. students. Junior and senior undergraduates are encouraged to take advance graduate courses. The university also provides interdisciplinary courses for students to obtain Biotechnology program certificates or double major degree. The department also encourages undergraduate research. More than half of the junior undergraduate students join labs of the faculties and involved in research projects each year. The department also offers the Shen-Non Research Award and scholarship to encourage students to pursue excellence in their academic research.

For information concerning application of admission to the undergraduate, MS and PhD programs, please see here.


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