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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program - minimum 128 credits for graduation within 3-4 years

Freshman year: Courses in General Biology, General Chemistry, General Physics and Calculus are required.

Required courses:

1. Biochemistry, Genetics, Seminar.

2. Plant Biology category (Plant Physiology, Plant Taxonomy, Plant Anatomy, Plant Morphology, choose at least one)

3. Molecular Biology category (Molecular biology, Microbiology, Immunology, choose at least one)

4. Animal Biology category (Comparative Anatomy, Animal Histology, Animal Physiology, Vertebrate Zoology, choose at least one)

5. Biostatistics and Ecology (choose at least one)

Elective courses: there are more than twenty courses offered by the department.  Junior and Senior students may take MS program courses; A Minor program, a Double Major program and a School Teacher Continuing Education Program also are available.

Junior and Senior Students may take undergraduate research courses in a research laboratory. The department will arrange a research program presentation during university day (Nov.12), at which time the Shen-Non Undergraduate Research Award will be presented.

Masters Program

Masters Program - minimum 30 credits for graduation within 1-4 years (including MS thesis 6 credits)

1. Graduate students are grouped into A. (Ecology & Evolution) and B.(Molecular Cell Biology) divisions.

2. Graduate students are asked to choose a thesis advisor by the end of the first semester.

3. Graduate students are encouraged to teach one undergraduate lab course  each semester during their first year.